About Us

Vaal Emergency Care is a private owned ambulance service that is been established in August 2006. The owners of the company are Marius and Elsabe’ Venter. We run a 24 hour 7 days a week service with one response vehicle and 2 ambulances. We concentrate on areas¬† which have a huge need of a emergency medical care. Vaal Emergency Care cater in the needs of every Client.


To deliver a quality and reliable, comprehensive emergency medical service to industrial clients and the community by ensuring a rewarding working environment to all our professional staff.

Management Policy

  • Our core business is emergency and trauma care in the Vaal Triangle.

  • To maintain and improve the professional skills of our paramedics and demonstrate our commitment to the community.

  • We run a comprehensive private ambulance service with a business premises in Sasolburg CBD.

  • We Utilize only registered emergency practitioners.

  • We believe in using the best equipment we can offer to ensure quality emergency care. To this purpose profit is employed to expand the capability of the service.

  • Vaal Emergency Care adhere to sound business ethic principles and do not offer any incentives or kick-backs to gain market share: nor do we accept reward other than payment for services rendered.

  • Vaal Emergency Care is an independent supplier of emergency medical care and will co-operate with other parties in the field of health care who share our commitment to patient and our business philosophy.

  • Although Vaal Emergency Care is a private business and do not receive any subsidy to render services to patience who are unable to pay private fees, we will endeavour to ensure that all genuine emergencies are attended to by either ourselves , where indicated by notifying the Provincial Services of a distress call.

  • Vaal Emergency Care also strives to run the highest quality of training in first aid to our clients to insure the best patient treatment in the field

  • The management also believe in an open door policy for the employees as well as our clients.

  • Management also believe in a mental healthy work environment and also have a qualified trauma counsellor available 24/7